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‘How do you read so much’…

‘How do you read so much’…

I was quite slow at reading when I first started and got distracted a lot, On one of my social media escapes, I saw a post on Instagram of someone sharing a picture of a book he had just finished and with tips on the book (This was a frequent thing)

So I asked the question – ‘How do you read so much?’ – Hoping for some magic trick to get through loads of books fast,

I was quite disappointed with the answer… ‘I pick up a book and start reading it’


I wasn’t satisfied so I looked on youtube for tips but never found that magic trick…

A couple of years later I found myself on the receiving end of the same question…

‘What you reading now* followed by How do you read so much’

I laughed and said I pick it up a read…

I said it in a sarcastic tone as well because at the time I had forgotten that I too asked the same question as well…

But the simple answer remains the same – You pick it up and you read it,

The longer answer is, I have the discipline to set/utilise time to read, If I’m travelling I’ll read on the bus/train/plane/coach whatever, If not I’ll set an hour or so to read or try and squeeze a chapter in. I’ll also limit any distractions whilst doing so (Which also requires discipline)

And that rule is transferable to anything –

How do I write so much – I type (the Long answer I have the discipline to type)

How does a Marathon runner run so much – They run (But they have the discipline to run and everything else involved too)

An Actor acts – But they have the discipline to show up to auditions

What do you do/ Want to do…

The short answer (To quote Nike) is to Just Do It…

The longer answer though is you need the discipline to not only just do it, but to carry on doing it…

What are you doing today so that someone can ‘How do you ‘…’ So much tomorrow?

*If anyone is interested (At the time of writing) I’ve just finished ‘The power of when’ by Michael Breus and Currently Reading ‘Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator’ by Ryan Holiday

** Since publishing I’m now reading Memento Mori by Peter Jones

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