But What Are You Doing To Step Up

Your Fed Up… But What Are You Doing To Step Up?

People moan and complain but that’s as far as it goes, Just pulling everyone else down again with the same old shit,

Oh your tired of feeling like shit – Step up and do something about it

Oh your tired of your work taking advantage of you – Step up and say something

Oh, you’re tired because your partners not pulling their weight – Have you stepped up your game or are you just matching their level?

Step up otherwise the reality you live in will remain the same, or most likely get worse the longer you don’t do anything.

When we step up our game, when we do something other than moan, Our reality change,

Imagine adding colour to a black and white world – That’s what it feels like.

It doesn’t matter if the problem isn’t entirely on you – Like your fed up with your partner or work colleagues for example… You still need to step up. You can’t control their efforts but if yours are stepped up, they might step up theirs if not, you can hold your head up knowing that you’ve done all you can.

Everything is on you, So step up.

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