One Step Away

Your one step away…

Confirmation for what we do is important,

We have a very limited time in which we get to live so we don’t want to waste it (Ironically we do anyway) on something that may or may not work…

A confirmation, maybe in the form of a sale or a five-star review gives us that motivation to carry on reinforces why were doing what we do and propels us forward…

I remember when I first started my blog, It was getting very little views… I thought about closing it down, Then on the 30th of October 2017, I got my first comment which probably had a knock-on effect as to why I’ve now decided to post daily (as challenging as that is)… The comment –

‘Reading this was so inspiring! Thanks for your honest words and sharing your experiences! x’

The issue is that we’re not in school anymore and our work doesn’t get reviewed weekly and teachers don’t give us gold stars anymore (something mine chose not to do anyway)

As adults when we’re doing something of value, The positive confirmation sometimes takes a long time to show up…

And sometimes it won’t,

Sometimes it feels like we’re just getting punch after punch in the face,

Sometimes it will take years to see that plus on your company’s balance sheets,

or to see the weight on the scales drop or an Ab to show itself on your stomach.

But you need to remember that you are just one –


Away from receiving the confirmation you seek.

The man behind your favourite coffee cup Howard Schultz Was turned down by 217 of the 242 investors he initially talked to.

“You have to have a tremendous belief in what you’re doing and just persevere.” – Howard Schultz

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