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Good Vibes Only

For example, if you work with someone like the above and you’re trying to get out of that job and go full time on your business, Then let them moan because the more they moan the faster and harder your going to have to work to get out of their…

The same rule can be applied to anything… Your friends always moaning that they have no energy, little aches and pains bother them and they hate the way they always look and feel, yet they won’t do anything about it…

Your friends a mirror to you and that’s how you feel when you don’t do anything about it, So instead of sitting in a negative hole, you take action.

Negative thinking – I’ve read a fair share of Business/personal development books and they all have a similar take on positive thinking –

Think in abundance, if you think it you can have it and the universe is your catalogue and if bad stuff happens to you its because you didn’t think positive enough, therefore, you attracted the wrong stuff…

Errm yeah sure first god created man then god created the catalogue…

Anyway theirs a time for positive thinking and knowing what you want, but then there’s the every day that happens in between That thought and actually getting what we want…

And shit happens on the daily, Negative thinking can prepare you for that,

Like when you start a business and you think You’ll just sell products and everything will be great and smooth running

But what happens if the customers don’t buy, or pay up or when your ads don’t work and no one signs up to your emails… No positive thinking will fix that,

What happens if you lose your fight, or you get injured, you don’t lose the weight…

Thinking negatively can help you prepare for that whilst positive thinking is merely hoping some goes as planned in your head…

Which it never does.

Think negative for a more positive life

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