That’s Because I Practiced

I could write a song by the end of this interview, but that’s because I practised – Wiz Khalifa

Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney are both very successful football players

But I think it’s safe to say that Ronaldo is a slightly bigger Icon and had more success than Wayne.

I remember reading an article from Manchester United’s S&C coach several years ago and it said something along the lines of this

‘Ronaldo loves to train, whatever you ask him to do, he will do it, if he knows it will improve his career… he went on to mention Wayne Rooney… ‘Wayne just wants to play football, he moans at the S&C sessions’

I can’t remember it word for word but that’s roughly how it went,

Lil Wayne at the peak of his career was always in the studio, putting out Mixtape after Mixtape then Platinum albums after Platinum albums because he was practising…

You want the next level… You know what you need to do

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