Lifes a bit like an exam

Your lack of preparedness is costing you.

Lifes a bit like an exam, we don’t know what test is on the next page.

Like an exam, we sort of know what tools we’ll need to get us through the day providing everything goes as planned.

Those little tools can make the difference between passing and failing…

I resat my maths exams once, I rolled out of bed got to the exam hall last minute and started my test…

There was a couple of questions where you needed a ruler… I forgot mine because I wasn’t prepared so I just winged the answers.

I also finished my exam with 20 minutes to spare, instead of reviewing my answers, I just sat there and daydreamed, with five minutes to spare I quickly checked my answers and noticed, I had missed two pages.

Yeah I left with the same gcse as I did in high school (Totally worth giving up my Tuesday nights for)

The same rules go for you day to day if you fail to plan and prepare, if you don’t prep your meals, don’t plan for your meetings, you don’t service your car regularly and then it breaks downs on you…

You’re costing yourself valuable points…

and they’re the easy points to hit.

Take your ruler

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