Not thinking about something you don’t want to know about does not make it go away – Jordan Peterson.

You can’t ignore the dragon, even if it’s just the size of a hamster,

It will feed on the crumbs and rummage around the trash for leftovers,

Eventually, it will grow so big, you can’t ignore it anymore, by that point though it’s too late,

Its already burnt your house down and crumbled your world.

All because you’ve buried your head in the sand and tried to ignore the problem.

Get your spade and dig yourself back out of the sand before the tide comes in,

Face your problem, look at it for all it is and it might be nothing, or it could be serious…

But at least if it’s serious, you know what it is and you can take action on it instead of it being a thousand ‘what if its this’ problems in your head.

Don’t ignore the dragon.

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