To get from point A to point B you first need to know where you are.

To get from point A to point B you first need to know where you are.

This is harder than it sounds

Our egos try and trick us into thinking we’re better than what we actually are, so when we’re trying to get to point B

We’re skipping several vital steps.

People try and get rich without ever saving a dime, their egos won’t allow them to admit they’re broke…

So when they don’t get rich overnight they panic and take desperate measures and end up worse off because they missed those steps to protect themselves…

Then they curse the wealthy and blame them for tax dodging or some fraudulent activity…

(Seriously I witnessed someone accusing some dude who was filling up his merc for Tax dodging, all because he struggles to keep his punto going…) <Like geeze bro its not his fault you never read the richest man in Babylon

Be true to yourself – admit where you are so you can take the correct action to get to point B,

Because if you don’t know where you are, You’ll end up anywhere.

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