But what does Socrates say?

But what does Socrates say? ‘Just as one person delights in
improving his farm, and another his horse, so I delight in attending to my own improvement day by day.’” —EPICTETUS

People will take a loan out to buy the latest I-phone, buy the best case and screen protector for it and treat it like their life depended on it.

People will spend every last penny on their cars making the engine go faster and louder, Pull it apart to clean it and do whatever car people do…

People will spend all day and all and all night improving there startups…

Yet when it comes to ourselves…

We treat our mind and body like an old phone model, like the rusty part of the car…

When instead we should be treating ourselves like a start-up company, Looking at ways to refine and improve it, make it function better…

The more we spend on us and not our things, then chances are you’ll have more time and maybe even earn more money to spend on the things you love…

Treat yourself like your mobile phone

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