Focus on The Routine, Not the Results

Focus on The Routine, Not the Results

We’re results-focused, we want results, we want them now!

If we don’t get them we’ll try something new and if that doesn’t work well you’re stuck on a vicious roundabout…

Yet while we’re leaping from one shiny object to the next, the only routine we have is the leaping…

What if instead you just focused on a few simple things you can implement daily…

It doesn’t have to be big…

It can be as simple as reading one chapter of a book a day or a page if a chapter is too much to implement (Say the average personal development books are 200 pages your still reading 1.5 books more books every year than you would if you didn’t read that page per day)

As simple as going for a short walk every morning or evening…

It’s important to remember that results don’t show on the surface straight away the manifest below surface until there ready to sprout

So focus on the routines

The results will follow

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