“I am”

‘I Am’…

Possibly the strongest and truest statement you can make…

Are the words that follow ‘I am’

As soon as that statement has been made, Your mind will go out of its way to make that statement appear true, pointing out things that confirm your belief and filtering out the stuff that it thinks you don’t want to see…

So be careful when your ‘I am’ follows this path…

I am a failure,
I am a terrible writer
I am fat
I am destined for bad stuff to happen to me
I am [Bad Thing Here]

You are if you say you are, so make it…

I am – A success
I am – Fit and Healthy
I am – destined to be stronger than the bad stuff that happens to me
I am… A Titan (Originally written for my companies FB page – Titan Strength Academy)

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