You cannot buy gangsta from shop

You cannot buy gangsta from shop – (From the song gangsta – Boy Better Know)

Yeah, I did just quote that what you gonna do…

Ignoring the fact that I did just quote some UK Grime music, The meaning of this lyric stood out

You cannot buy a way of life from the shop.

You cannot become fit and healthy by buying gym clothes and supplements

You cannot become an investor by buying suits

You cannot insert anything here…

You have to embody the way of life

Elaborating on the fitness example again…

You have to actually do the workouts and take the supplements, cook your meals and sometimes skip the takeouts.

You have to do the work required to become the person you’re trying to buy.

Don’t buy it… Be it.

P.s. If you are trying to buy gangsta from shop, Buy a suit and stay away from Jd please you look ridiculous

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