You can do good work simply staying up all night and eating nothing but junk food

You can do good work simply staying up all night and eating nothing but junk food, but probably not in the long term – John Mulaney

It’s not what you can do in the short term, Its hat you can maintain in the long term that counts…

We can all do the short term stuff, pull off an all-nighter to hit a deadline…

Do that every night though and you will hit your Dead-Line (and fast)

We all know someone who has started a business or a new life-changing hobby and after a week or two, they have stopped, The same for diet and exercise…

Day 1 – Yeah, This is it now, Whooh Motivation yeah…

Day 2 – Yeah still on this!

Day 3 – Sh*t didn’t I do this yesterday, errm ok

Day 4,5,6 – You/they start to get bored

By day 10 – They’ve completely stopped doing it.

And the only thing they/we achieved was wasted time because we didn’t stick at it long enough…

To quote an earlier post (Number 152 I think)

‘Beginning is magical. So is finishing. We can embrace both. – Seth Godin’

Two points from this post

1) Its good to get started, but if all starting is going to waste time and energy then its probably best you don’t…

or you have a coach/ accountability partner to keep you going when motivation leaves you in a ditch (and it will)

2) Instead of having to pull off some intense all-out effort and almost killing yourself in the process to hit a deadline, You set about that task daily…

Then that way when its 2 hours before your summer vacation your not having to google how to lose weight at the airport…

(I googled it btw there’s a woman doing lunges on the moving walkway
*Headbutts desk repeatedly*)

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