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We don’t Just Happen Onto Things…

We don’t Just Happen Onto Things…

They don’t just appear, We’re not in the Matrix where we can install knowledge into ourselves and all of a sudden we know Kun-Fu…

Money doesn’t just appear in the bank,
Knowledge doesn’t appear in our brains,
& Muscle doesn’t just get bigger…

It’s not
‘when I get healthier ill start exercising’
‘When I get money Ill start that blog that business ‘
‘I’ll start reading when I get smarter…’

Like your going to walk through the park one day and find your answers on the floor…

No, No – You wanna get healthier you have to be healthier by doing the work
You want the money for your business – you better learn how to make money (or learn to save some)

This is life, not a novel you don’t live in a fantasy land where all your wants appear out of nowhere

You have to do the work… Today

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