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Are you a leader or a follower?

Are you a leader or a follower?

I hate seeing posts like this Like you have to be one or the other,

Like seriously shut the f*** up you fake Instagram gurus

You can be both a leader and a follower

The fact is if we did not follow we probably wouldn’t make it past a couple of weeks old.

We follow our parents guidance until we learn independence, and we stay alive from the lessons we learned from them.

Every leader in any industry had a mentor and or read a tonne of books…

Isn’t following someone’s guidance being a follower?

There is nothing wrong with following.

Follow the guidance of others your mentors and people you look up too,

Then take their lessons and lead your team, your family, fans and people who look up to you

and let them follow you.

The are you a leader or a follower isn’t a choice a one or the other

Its a circle of life and it’s magical

Fuck the gurus

Get following so you can lead.

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“My mother forgot to pack my food”

“My mother forgot to pack my food” – Girl on the coach.

The woman sat behind me on the phone kept saying to whoever it was she was talking to

That her mother forgot to pack her food, so now she has to wait till she gets to London until she eats… (from Blackpool)


But thanks to her mother it gave me something to write about today…

We realise on other people all the time, people say that they are going to things, they will help us with this and that,

The issue, Other people have there own shit going on.

And sometimes they let us down.

Intentionally, sometimes they just forget and sometimes they just had no intention of actually helping us and they just said yes in the moment.

Now there is nothing wrong with needing help, I outsource certain tasks that are beyond my capability all the time.

Our business is based on people needing help…

But sometimes in the case above… You can pack your own lunch.

You could have done the task yourself.

Sometimes it’s not your Mothers fault for not packing your lunch.

Sometimes it’s on you.

Get help by all means (We can go further together)

But don’t be lazy, don’t try and pass the blame when you got yourself into that mess by not doing what you could have done.

Do the work
‘Pack your own lunch’

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Start To Stop Doing What You Know To Be Wrong

Start To Stop Doing What You Know To Be Wrong – Jordan Peterson

I’ve tripled my production lately, I’ve smashed out a lot of work in a short space of time
I have no choice, I need to make the most of my time otherwise nothing would get done…

But when I had too much time to spare, I got hardly anything done

I could do it tomorrow, or later on, if it was urgent

So instead of doing the work, I played the sims or Age of Empires
instead, I did this every night for months,

I knew what I should be doing and instead of doing it, I got my Sim to do it instead

Then one day, 12 hours later

I was like WTF are you doing man

And I uninstalled all my games.

I stopped doing what I knew was wrong and did the work instead.

We do this to ourselves all the time,

We do stuff and even right before we do them we tell the people we are with that we need to stop doing this,

Smokers are the worst for this, I work with 4 and every time the ‘spark up’ they say ‘I need to stop.’…

Then stop then.

Do what’s right

Stop doing whats wrong

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The only way to grow… Is to let go.

The only way to grow… Is to let go.

Letting go can sometimes be the hardest thing you can ever do…

In other cases, It can also be the easiest thing…

But none the less, If you want to move forward in your life, You need to let go of the past.

The past is gone and can’t be changed,

But the future,

That’s a realm of the unknown

The unknown where the possibility of reaching all your hopes and dreams lie.

But you will never know if your trying to freeze the ever flow of life by clinging on to the past.

Let go – Grow

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Behind Mountains

Behind mountains are more mountains.

There is not one solution and then you will live happily ever after…

You can’t think that once you solved this problem, then that is it…

You overcome an obstacle then you look up and there is an even higher feat staring you in the face.

When you achieve a Personal Best in the gym, unless you stop lifting then you know at some point you will be going for an even heavier lift…

Life is just the same unless you stop breathing, there will always be bigger mountains to climb