Paths are Made by Walking

Paths are Made by Walking – Franze Kafka

What I love about personal development is that there is no map, You don’t know where you’re going to end up…

You start walking in one direction towards a destination, Overtime as you walk the path you find adversity, obstacles, lessons, learning, stumbling on new stuff, Your destination changes…

Example In my teens I wanted to become a professional boxer…
Through boxing, I found a love for fitness, which led me to wanting to become a police officer or Fireman, which led me to a college course in public services on that course there was a nutrition module, which led to a Personal training degree and on to personal training…

Personal Training led me to becoming broke, which led me to multiple jobs and feeling like I was selling out, which led back to me wanting to personal train again however that path was just the path of me actually wanting to have the business and not the actual job which led to Titan and going down the business route, which led to also starting a property business….

As I keep walking I know that these routes will change and expand…

Where to?

I don’t know.

But the point of my little story is to keep walking.

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