It Just Needs To Exist.

It Doesn’t Matter If It’s Good Right Now, It Just Needs To Exist.

We spend so much time on the before part of our goals…

The before part is the preparation stage before we’ve started the work.

We spend time learning the process, Buying the equipment, Designing the packaging, getting all the little bits and bobs in place, how are we going to execute the plan…

We want our project to be perfect…

The problem is our project never will be perfect because we don’t spend enough time on the actual project because we’re just trying to get all our ducks in a row.

Take the ‘That’s it I’m getting in shape’ project for example…

You buy new gym clothes, new trainers, look for the best gym to join (Its Titan btw) Then you research which booty program you’re going to follow (probably from some instamodel)… Cool time for some diet plan reaserch, print off the recipes, need some supplements now, let’s research those, great ooh needs some Tupperware now so you can be good at work…

by the time all that praperation and deliverys have arrived, you’ve moved on and lost interest.

If you just get started, make the project exist, you can make it ‘good’ later by tweaking as you go, adding what you need later.

(P.s. Can’t remember where i swiped that quote from, think it was Seth Godin)

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