but how you finish that counts

“I have found that it’s not so much how you start, but how you finish that counts.”

Dreams, Projects, Goals, Relationships, Jobs… Diets

Whatever we start, we plan and do our best efforts to start well…

Sometimes we don’t but that’s ok because we started,

But when it comes to finishing,

Well, we don’t really plan that out so much,

We start well,

We do our best,

Then it becomes familiar or difficult,

Then we stop, quit or lose interest.

Students are a great (Slightly stereotypical) example of this,

They start Uni with the best interests of Doing well, but then they spend most of their time in the bars getting blackout drunk and trying to hook up,

Until the end of the term when the clubs are empty because they are rushing to hit their deadlines and just finish… Instead of finishing well

Whatever you do, It would be more beneficial to plan on finishing and finish well than just getting started.

Beginning is magical. So is finishing. We can embrace both. – Seth Godin

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