Sheeple (Another Airport Story)

I’m stood waiting for Robyn near the boarding queue (At the Airport),

Far enough away so I’m not in the queue but close enough to see if the queue starts to get busy and I can jump in…

After about ten minutes, I glance up from my phone as I hear in some angry voice…

‘Are You Priority boarding mate!’

Me – ‘Yeah’

Angry Dude ‘So why the f*ck have you just let them push in front of you’

Me – ‘I’m not actually stood in a queue, I was just standing here…’

The angry dude then proceeds to shout at the people with common sense who actually went to the start of the queue and sent them to the back and I became the queue leader…

How does this relate to you…

Don’t blindly follow (or in this case stand behind someone) because you think they are the ‘leader’

Sheep flock to the leader and by leader I mean the first sheep to move…

Just because someone has invested in something or started an ultra juice detox…

Does not mean you have to follow, That path might be right for them (Or maybe not)…

But it might be the wrong place for you to start…

And they (& you) might end up going nowhere

Don’t follow the ‘Leader’

Don’t be a sheep,

Always check the details

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