The forever of never…

The forever of never…

The forever of never is when you believe that the society, situation, skill set, hardships whatever difficulties you face is what you’re stuck with,

You’ve got those problems and that’s it, you’re stuck with them… Forever,

Beliving that you’re stuck with these problems and that’s that, then chances are you will be.

When you accept that, then you’re letting yourself off the hook to do something about them…

You’re stuck in the forever of never improving.

But if you’re reading this, then I have strong reasons to believe that you’re not willing to accept ‘Your problems’ as your limit and you are willing to act and improve on them…

Yes, it might not be an ideal starting point, Yes it might be harder than normal… But at least it won’t be forever.

The forever of never, From Seths (Godin) Blog – The three types of forever, (I’ll probably write about the other 2 as well as they are important too)

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