You’re not entitled to a result you have not earned…

You’re not entitled to a result you have not earned…

Working for different companies over my lifetime I’ve heard so many comments along the lines of…

‘its alight for them raking it in, I bet they sat sipping wine now whilst we’re working’ – Aboud MDs and Company Owners…

Yet when I observe the habits of the complainers, They are playing games on their phones, watching films or tv shows on their break and yes I’ve even noticed a few Cat videos on Youtube (I didn’t even know people still did that)

And they still expect a pay raise?

If you want to become better paid, or sip wine whilst people do your dirty work… You have to work for it,

Make your self become indispensable and not just another cog in the machine (recommended read – Seth Godin, Linchpin)

But don’t think you’re entitled to something when you do the bare minimum, If that… You have to do the work and much more depending on your goals.

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