No Great Thing Is Created Suddenly

No Great Thing Is Created Suddenly – Epictetus

You see those couples who have this great connection and you’re like wow I want that…

You see those brands and businesses and you’re like wow I want that

You see those people who work out and have great bodies and you’re like wow I want that…

So jump on Tinder or whatever and go on a date or whatever you kids do nowadays and then you get frustrated that you don’t have a connection with this person…

Or you start a business and wonder why you haven’t made a profit yet let alone a million…

You jump on the scales after an hour of watching tv on the treadmill and wonder why you still weigh the same…

You sigh and quit.

None of those things happens overnight – you know this, So why do you get frustrated when your results don’t happen overnight.

Your not special, You have to do the work too.

So take a deep breath and get back to work.
No great thing is created suddenly

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