Follow The Recipe

After spending all day baking, the timer goes ‘Ding’,

You drool in excitement as you open the oven,

Then your face drops… This isn’t how it looks in the picture,

You demand a refund for the recipe book

‘Because it does not work’

Upon doing a little digging the cashier realise that you did not follow the instructions,

You switch some of the ingredients because you didn’t want to go to the shop and that’s why you ended up with soup instead of a cake…


You can get business advise off Richard Branson, Cooking advice from Gordon Ramsey and Health and Fitness advise off Titan Strength Academy,

Getting good advice is not hard today…

What’s hard is following it.

We get sidetracked, we get bored and we skip steps…

and then we complain that this stuff does not work.

It does.

You don’t.

Follow the recipe.

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