Lessons from Marvel 

Lessons from Marvel

Marvel has just wrapped up 10/11 years of storytelling bringing all 22 films together for end game

Other film studios have tried to copy the success but failed… Why because they jumped in and rushed the process without a clear plan

Just tried to do what Marvel has without doing what Marvel had… Marvel planted strategic seeds, introducing new characters across multiple phases and DC tried to do that across a couple of movies…

Marvel even way back in 2008 when they introduced Iron Man had a plan for the next 10 years leading up to end game and they stuck to it.

Marvel focused on its own goals, DC saw this and tried to mimic the success… Law 29 in the 48 Laws of Power is Plan All The Way To The End

You need to play the long game, Plan all the way, taking it one phase at a time… Fat loss, Size, Strength…

Wealth whatever your goals stick to your plan and don’t try to mimic someone else’s results

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