Paleo on Tuesdays…

Paleo on Tuesdays…

You look in the mirror and know you need change… But dieting doesn’t work… You’ve tried this, done that, but you look the same as you did… Maybe I’ll try Paleo or Veganism this time

They’ve had some hype lately

I’ll jump on that,

But I won’t start today because Mondays are hectic,

Tuesday – Yeah Paleo rules,

Wednesday – Paleos good but the girls are going for pub lunch, I’ve been good I deserve a treat, I’ll get back to Paleo in the evening…

Thursday – I forgot my meal prep, I’ll start again tomorrow…

Friday – It’s the weekend I’ll get back to it on Monday…

Sunday – You’re looking in that mirror again and the thoughts are creeping back, I need change… And the cycle repeats itself. ….

It’s not that the diets didn’t work, That paleo or keto, or whatever you’ve tried is bad,

Its that you’re not committed is the problem.

You can try all the fads you want, you can try all the proven methods that actually work and they still won’t work for you… Because you don’t work.

This applies to all areas of your life too,

You can’t be committed to something on a Tuesday and expect to work when you’re letting the external events of life control the rest of the week and determine your actions.

You need to take control and become committed… Otherwise your chasing stars in Narnia


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