Being busy is a form of laziness

Being busy is a form of laziness – lazy thinking and indiscriminate action. – Tim Ferriss

Being busy is not the point.

Being busy is a fast way to hit fifty and wonder where your life went.

We say that we’re busy to try and impress ourselves and others that we’re some sort of hardcore workaholic that gets shit done.

The reality, What we get done is shit.

We’re not impressing ourselves we are only deceiving.

We’re not too busy to

Take your kids out
Read a book
Listen To a podcast
Start that creative thing you love

To do something that actually matters

We’re lazy.


We’re Overcommitted (Plot Twist)

You might actually be busy.

Too busy to do the stuff you actually want, that actually matters.

Because you’re too committed to other peoples demands (or your own)

If that’s the case you need to drop some of your commitments and start to get committed to producing the results in your life.

Not carrying the office on your shoulders because Colin won’t pull his weight.

Screw that guy.

Do something that matters.

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