Learning is the ability to adapt to changing environments

Learning is the ability to adapt to changing environments. Robert T. Kiyosaki

You want to be fit and healthy
You want to be rich and successful
You want to be a dancer, a public speaker, a singer…

There’s an adaptional phase that you have to go through and here’s the kicker… It’s a looong phase.

You’re going to have to go through a lot of fuck-ups and mistakes.

And feeling pain along the way.

You don’t just step on stage and all of a sudden your this world class speaker.

You’re going to feel nervous, stutter, shake, forget your lines… The same as you don’t just walk into the gym and you become a strongman or a marathon runner… But that’s what makes or breaks you… If you keep pushing through the curve of pain and discomfort,

It starts to get easier, you get better, The challenges get harder but you deal with them better… The average quit,
They expect results on the day,
They get frustrated with lack of progress,
And they can’t face the pain.

Are you average?

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