Problems are messages

Problems are messages. Shakti Gawain

It’s very rare that you wake up one day and this huge problem has appeared from out of nowhere… Sure there are expectations but for most things in life… We get warned.

Your car doesn’t one day just stop working,

You don’t just wake up and there are divorce papers slapped in your face out of the blue.

And you defiantly did not just wake up overweight… You would have received messages that something isn’t right, Maybe some simple fixes but you ignored them and the problems blew up now there’s 10x the work and the cost to fix them.

In life, the problems aren’t the problems… We are.

We procrastinate
We ignore
We hope the whole thing blows over… But we never take the time to solve the problem – Until the problem is so big it takes up all of time.

Look at the messages in your life today – Act on them today so you don’t pay for them tomorrow.

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