So what does it actually look like to Level Up Your Life?

If you hop on over to Instagram, (Depending on who you follow) you’ll see a host of Entrapenures posing with their supercars, people on their laptops with a margarita at the beach, and some fitness model posing with some supplement…

We think that this looks easy or I want that then we set about getting it…

We order the supplements and set up our online store…

But when the Ads don’t turn into a profit and the supplements don’t Melt the Fat as advertised,

We realise there’s more work to this than initially thought.

Normally this is enough to make people quit.

So I thought I’d shed some light on what it actually looks like.

Levelling Up

First of all your going to have to put quitting your job on hold,

As much as the laptop lifestyle is appealing it doesn’t happen overnight (I have two business and still work full time.)

But don’t let that put you off, If you don’t start now you’ll always be working.

The question is where do you start?

When I worked nights in security (After quitting in the Personal Training World >> You can read about that here <<) I had at this point given up everything as an entrepreneur… or so I thought

In my sleep-deprived state this feeling kept appearing, Every night…

The feeling that I didn’t want to do this anymore (Work 80hours per week every week) But I didn’t really know anything else.

So I wrote some mediocre goals down and gave them some thought.

Personal Training was one of them.

After some thought, it wasn’t the personal training (PT) that I wanted it was the PT business I wanted.

But I didn’t have a clue how to make that work.

Which brings us to back to The question where do you start?

With a deeper study of your goals, Not just the baseline thoughts.

(I’ve created a 90 Journal which puts you 90-day goals into monthly and weekly benchmarks along with daily journaling click on the image below to get your copy now)


The second question then is How do you go about putting this into play…

With the Theory of Corse

The only business I experienced was my shambles of a PT Career so I didn’t know where to start, I hoped on to Amazon one night and typed in business books, And ordered a couple which either the title or cover stood out to me…

And with a lot of procrastination, I finished a couple of books cover to cover for the first time in 23 years…

With a base understanding and a shed load of ideas jotted down…

I still had one problem…

The work still had to be done.

Doing the work.

I’m going to fast forward my story a bit and tell you that you do not have to do all the work yourself… (I talk about this in my ebook > Level Up Your Life)

As mentioned I still work a full-time job even now with two businesses this would not be possible without my Partners.

Without them, I would still be on Zero businesses and just a couple of thoughts.

Doing the work, There is only so much theory you can study before you actually have to do some work…

To know and not to do is just as bad as not knowing

Otherwise, what’s the point right?

My problem like many others was that with a full-time job is its hard finding the time to get shit done.

But that is no excuse, the work is a requirement full stop.

Take a look at one of my journals you probably can’t read my handwriting but you can see that I commute a lot.


On my commutes, I cram in as much Learning as possible…

Reading or listening to podcasts on the bus and train (Oh yeah I catch the bus, living life at level 100 right)

Then when I get back from wherever I do the work.

On the left page the work was ordering some branded bookmarks (for a giveaway I did) got some designs done for one of my companies titan, followed by some reading then -scheduling some posts and emails followed by some writing before settling for bed with a book.

On the right, I forgot my headphones and made up by reading some emails on my commute.

Keeping Ideas.

Ideas come and go, Sometimes we get an Idea and think yeah its great, but then it fades away with our busy lives and we forget it.

I used to just keep ideas in my notebook, but now I keep another pocket journal with me so I can jot down (mostly quotes) Ideas for writing and business.

There is nothing more frustrating than losing a great idea because I forgot to jot it down.

Pocket notebooks are highly recommended.

Some shots of my ideas notebooks below 


The Theory never stops.

Bookshelf Flex

Yeah I know I said that there comes a time when you need to do the work and stop studying, I don’t mean completely though.

The learning never stops.

I’ve already mentioned that I try and learn whenever I’m on the commute.

With every podcast, book or article I read, I hopefully get one new incite, which can lead to other ideas, expand current ideas or become useful somewhere down the line.

Reading has become my best investment, No matter how broke I’ve been, I’ve always found the money for a new book



To summerise
1. Deep understanding of your goals
2. Learn the How
3. Do the work and don’t be afraid of help
4. Keep your ideas written down
5. Always be learning

The lifestyle isn’t always glamorous, it requires work and effort, To learn more get the free book …

Level Up Your Life (2)

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