Shallow men believe in luck

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Was it luck that J.K Rowling’s manuscript for Harry Potter was accepted and she became a billionaire

Or Jeff Bezos becoming a billionaire with a lucky business idea… Some would say that they got lucky, whilst sat in the pub dreading the Monday coming… It’s easy to say that someone got lucky…

Level Up Your Life (2)


It lets us off the hook for not doing the work required & allows us to wait until we do get lucky.

Deep down though,

We know that getting lucky is more of putting in endless hours of work (The cause) for the result to show (The Effect)

J.K Rowling never would have got lucky, if she listened to her parents who said she wasn’t a good writer, she never would have got lucky if she only submitted her manuscript once, and she certainly would not have got lucky if she did not write the manuscript.

Jeff Bezos would not have got lucky if he didn’t spend his nights sat on his hands and knees packing books… and you won’t get lucky in whatever you desire without the cause and effect either… Want to be fitter and healthier well that’s the effect of going to the gym and eating healthier… Want to meet your dream partner that’s the effect of actually going out and socialising… Whatever you want, you won’t get it with luck.

You have to do something to cause the desired effect.

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