Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. Wayne Dyer

There is always a different way of doing things,

Yet we fall into routines of doing the same things every day,

We drive the same routes to work, we buy the same coffee at the same time, We eat the same food and we go home and watch the same shows… That’s the reality for most of us

So when something changes our routine, it stresses us out,

Level Up Your Life (3)

Whats just happened… I need my f*cking coffee… We get stressed when something breaks our routine, Not because the external event is stressful, We can endure far more than our egos let on… No… we get stressed because the external event has woken us up from our autonomous sleep state of living every day and we now have to actually think for our selves and find a different approach … But these events open us up to growth, A different way of doing things,

Maybe even a better way of doing things… Starbucks is closed, So you have to get your coffee from some ordinary little cafe, (Oh no Instagram won’t like the fact you’ve posted a picture of an ordinary coffee cup)

You get there and the coffees actually nicer and half the price or the Barrister turns out to be your future husband or wife… The free weights area is full and now you have to get creative with your workout, you have to use some kit you’ve never used before and you find that you actually enjoy it more…

The roads closed and you have to take a different route, You notice how nice the scenery actually is on this route and how relaxing it is…

Not only do external event force us to change the way we do things but they give us a gift of presentness because we’re having to think about our actions, focus in the moment…

Remember that there is always a different way…

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