You Could Be Good Today, But Instead, You Choose Tomorrow – Marcus Aurelius⠀

It’s funny that one of the most powerful men in his time and some 2000 years ago, The Roman emperor faced the same problems we face today.⠀


Level Up Your Life (2)

Technology has changed but human nature has not.⠀

How can you be Good today?⠀

You do all you can in the 24hours you have.⠀

The work you start, the tasks you have, they get finished today.⠀

That thing you said you would start tomorrow, It starts now.⠀

We put off, We put off and we put off, yet never do…⠀

We live every day doing less than we are capable of assuming that we have a tomorrow,⠀

One day that tomorrow will be your last,⠀

And you will have lived a fairly average life -⠀

Be Good Today⠀

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