It is not the strength of the body that counts

It is not the strength of the body that counts, but the strength of the spirit. J.R.R. Tolkien⠀

It’s been a hard day, you missed lunch, Your tired, You feel weak,⠀

You get to the gym, You just want to fall asleep on the mats,⠀

Your warm-up feels hard,⠀

Level Up Your Life (3)

You can’t finish your sets, your too lethargic…⠀

You feel bad, You beat yourself up,⠀

This was easy last week…⠀

I’m such a fai…..⠀

I’ll stop you right there,⠀

You may of not performed as good as last week, yesterday, whatever, But in those moments,⠀

When you’re tired and weak, not feeling 100% You did something most wouldn’t,⠀

Something you may of not done in the past…⠀

You turned up.⠀

And you may not have performed at your physical best but you performed your 100% on the day,⠀

And that’s all that matters.⠀

The body may be weak,⠀

But the Mind and Spirit is Strong.

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