Carpe Diem⠀

Carpe Diem⠀

I’m sure you’ve heard or seen the Latin Phrase Carpe Diem before…⠀

Meaning Seize the day…⠀

You may have even posted it along with other quotes like ‘Live Love Life’⠀

Yet Do We Ever Actually Sieze the Day?⠀


Level Up Your Life (2)

We hit the snooze button, rush to work, Hang around the coffee machine, do the easy work, Go home and put our feet up…⠀

Of course, I’m generalising here but we don’t do the Important stuff…⠀

Even worse is we tell ourselves lies about doing the important stuff…⠀

We never say ‘I’m not going to join the gym’ Or ‘I’m not going to quit smoking’⠀

We lie we tell ourselves that we will do (Insert important thing here) but we will do it tomorrow…⠀

‘The greatest obstacle to living is expectancy, which hangs upon tomorrow and loses today’ – Seneca⠀

We snatch away the present moment by promising ourselves a future where we can do all that stuff…⠀

But that future is uncertain, Its not promised.⠀

Thats why there is no better time to act than now…⠀

Seize the day…⠀

Do the Work.⠀

Carpe Diem⠀

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