Man is never perfect, nor contented

Man is never perfect, nor contented. Jules Verne⠀

Have you noticed that the people who say they are ‘Perfect as they are’ Never really seem to be happy…⠀

In fact, they are always moaning about something…⠀

But yet there are ‘Happy as they are’…⠀

Level Up Your Life (3)

‘Perfect Closes the door. It asserts we’re done, That this is the best we can do.’ – Seth Godin⠀

Yet on the other end of the spectrum, People who are super successful are always trying to achieve more…⠀

They are never happy with things the way they are, Because if they are they won’t grow…⠀

‘If I had there money – I would stop working’… ‘Why do you work out, Your already slim’⠀

We are never supposed to be satisfied with the way we are, and we will always search for the possibility to be better, Aiming for better allows us to improve & improve the improvements instead of being done…⠀

If your done – Your dead.

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