Quod Nocet, Saepe Docet – What Harms, Often Teaches⠀

Quod Nocet, Saepe Docet – What Harms, Often Teaches⠀

We stumble, We fall, We reach, We miss, We get hurt, Things get broken, Hearts do Too…⠀

This is a process of life, These things happen, It’s not some outside force from the universe its just random stuff that happens to me and you…⠀

Things don’t go to plan and sometimes we get hurt in the process…⠀

Level Up Your Life (2)

You can look at these events and see the bad, see the pain we went through and see the things we lost or could have had…⠀

You can dwell on what could of been but you can’t change the past⠀

But You Can Own It.⠀

Own the past, Own the Pain and The Scars…⠀

You can Own those things and say yeah I went through some shit, Yeah I fell off the wagon But look who I became, Look who I am now I went through that, Look what I learnt…⠀

Show your Battle Scars – Your a better person now because of them…⠀

Quod Nocet, Saepe Docet

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