The Germ Of Happiness

‘Growth itself contains the germ of happiness.’ Pearl S. Buck⠀

I used to think more money would make me happy,⠀

So I worked more hours.⠀

The work was easy, The only challenge was the commute (And figuring out which film to watch on shift)⠀

I had money in the bank, Yet I wasn’t fulfilled,

Level Up Your Life (2)

I wasn’t growing, I wasn’t being challenged and I was denying myself of the opportunity to let the spark inside grow.⠀

I was like a firefighter trying to starve a fire of oxygen…⠀

It wasn’t until I let that spark grow,⠀

Until I was being challenged⠀

Physically and Mentally⠀

That I became happy…⠀

Because challenges mean we grow,⠀

And Growth equals happiness (Probably because we’re no longer dying inside)⠀

Challenge yourself today.⠀

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