If you want things to be different

Level Up Your Life (3)

‘If you want things to be different, perhaps the answer is to become different yourself.’ – Norman Vincent Peale⠀

Everything that is happening to you is your fault.⠀

Everything that is happening to you is bought upon by your actions or lack of actions.⠀

Take ownership of them.⠀

Passing the blame on to someone or something else is just your Ego trying to protect is delicate little self…⠀

So if you want things to change⠀

In your health – Don’t blame your job for your lack of time⠀
In your relationship – Don’t blame your partner⠀
In your job – Don’t blame you college for not doing their part⠀

It’s on you.⠀

Nobody else will change for you, You are not a puppet master and life is not your puppet theatre…⠀

All you can control is you and your actions…⠀

So if you want to change⠀

It starts with you.⠀

If you don’t like it, I wish you good luck trying to make everything else change to your demands.

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