The only question to ask yourself

‘The only question to ask yourself is, how much are you willing to sacrifice to achieve this success?’ Larry Flynt⠀

Everything we do requires a one form or another of sacrifice,⠀

When it comes to Success – Whatever you define that as, You have to be willing to sacrifice a lot more than you are already doing…⠀

In the perspective of Health and Fitness – You have to sacrifice comfort for pain, Instead of driving home you drive to the gym and workout…⠀

Instead of ordering the dessert or the extra glass of wine you pass on it… Whilst everyone else enjoys themselves…⠀

and you sacrifice foods you would normally eat without even thinking about it for the bigger picture in mind.⠀

But you know your goals are bigger than that – Bigger than unconscionably eating, Bigger than whatever is on the Tv…⠀

Once the goal has been hit… You ask yourself ‘How much are you willing to sacrifice to achieve the next goal’… ⠀

Because those sacrifices were worth it.⠀


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