Some are born great…

it's the island life for me (3)
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Some are born great, others achieve greatness. – William Shakespeare⠀

Growing up around people I’ve heard comments like ‘How lucky is that boy being born into that family’ or ‘I wish I lived that life’… While the Kardashians play on the TV⠀

Yeah you can be born into ‘Greatness’ and not have to do anything with your life or like many of us we can achieve greatness by having to work hard…⠀

By having to find our calling⠀
By putting the time in the gym⠀
By working endless hours on your business⠀
By Raising your kids to be greater than you…⠀

Whatever you define as greatness don’t wish you were born with it…⠀

The chances are you weren’t Wish means when you earn it it will be a feeling that those people born into it will never be able to buy.⠀

That is greatness⠀

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