Suffering & Sacrifice (Free Ebook Chapter)

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Level Up Your Life is my new eBook designed to take you from that rut your stuck in, Weather that be you hate your current fitness levels or your wanting to start a side hustle so you can eventually quit your job,

To help you level up your whole life, from Leveling Up your social circle (Choose Your Clan, Wisley) and Turning Dead time into Alive Time…

Here is a preview chapter, You can get the whole book here >> Level Up


Change is slow and gradual. It requires hard work, a bit of luck, a fair amount of self-sacrifice, and a lot of patience. Robert Greene

Life is a sacrifice, every choice we make we have to leave something behind…

The Buddhist believe life is Dukkha – Which means pain

Life is pain and suffering with sacrifice.

If your on a diet you miss the freedom of eating what you want and when you want, you suffer through exercise and hard work, On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re lazy you suffer through being lethargic, you will suffer through eating what you what and doing the bare minimum.

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If you want to start or in business you risk financial security, if you don’t work then you suffer from economic insecurity.

Most people suffer because they don’t sacrifice comfort, they resist change, they what things to remain the same, they try and keep it that way, in life change happens it’s like trying to keep the summer in the winter, it’s out of our control,

But like trying to change the seasons, trying to force things to remain the same will cause us suffering and sacrifices will be forced upon us.
On this quest to level up we don’t hide from suffering because we know no matter what we do we will suffer, we know that if we don’t sacrifice comfort we will suffer from comfort, we will suffer from never growing and truly knowing who we are…

We seek change and discomfort and we make fear our new comfort zone

We make suffering beautiful because make it what we want.

“Just as certain capacities are required for success in a particular area, so too are certain sacrifices required. … If true wisdom is your object and you are sincere, you will have work to do on yourself. You will have to overcome many unhealthy cravings and knee-jerk reactions.” – Epictetus

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Level Up Your Life

Level Up Your Life (3)

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