Life grants nothing to us mortals

‘Life grants nothing to us mortals without hard work.’ – Horace⠀

Sure sucks to be mortal don’t it…⠀

Without the hard work though nothing would make us happy, If things were just given to us we wouldn’t be able to sustain them and we wouldn’t be able to discover who we truly are.⠀

Look at the stats for lottery winners around 70-80% of them end up broke… Why because they got the money handed to them, they didn’t know how to make it or save it so they just blew it…⠀⠀

Imagine if there was a weight loss lottery – You win you get your dream weight, Without putting in any work.. Imagine how fast you would gain that back, Because you didn’t know how to get to that stage – you wouldn’t know how to sustain it…⠀

A quote from an earlier post – ‘Don’t wish it was easier – Wish you were better’ – Jim Rohn


it's the island life for me (1)

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