When your desires are strong enough

‘When your desires are strong enough you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.’ – Napoleon Hill

Back when I was a lethargic night worker Guzzling down energy drinks faster than they could produce them… Something happened,

Some spark reignited, I wanted my health back and not to work like this anymore… I hired a coach…

it's the island life for me

My progress was unexplainable (I was still working nights – Not sleeping much in the day, Nutrition well not the best let’s leave it at that) I shouldn’t have recovered and progressed the way I did… It was almost Superhuman… And I write this now as a Director of Titan… That’s the power of Desire

That’s something I hope everyone reading this gets at some point in their lives, That feeling – Desire, Its more than motivation, Its something you can’t quite put into words… And its something you can not ignore.

It’s your superpower…

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