Become more committed to your dreams than your comfort zone

‘Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than your comfort zone.’⠀

We can stay at our entry-level job – Because That’s what we know⠀
We can stay lifting the same weight as we did 6 months ago – Because we know we can hit that⠀
We can avoid the gym altogether because Corries on…⠀

But life will change but it will not improve -⠀

it's the island life for me

Life will change, Even though we think it’s staying the same because,⠀

Our entry level job pays the same wage but inflation raises prices, Our rent, Cost of living everything goes up.. Your actually getting paid less for the same work you was doing 5 years ago..⠀

You might not Lose/Gain any weight whilst avoiding the gym but overtime our health will deteriorate with age and the worst part is you can’t see it till it’s too late…⠀

The worst thing in life is to ‘Stay the same’ Because the world changes…⠀

Get uncomfy today.⠀

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