What lies within us?

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. – Henry Stanley Haskins⠀

We can look back at our past and wish we did things differently or that things had not changed, We can imagine a future, Picture it to be this perfect life…⠀

Looking back and looking forward though are just another excuse to not do the work in front of us now…⠀

Looking at what lies within…⠀

What lies within you? ⠀

You won’t know if you don’t challenge yourself,⠀

At the end of David Goggins Audio Book he comes out with an interesting concept -⠀

Not word for word but he say’s ⠀

‘When we die – I believe we face God and he calls your name and shows you a list of all the things you could of done with yourself… Then he shows you a list of the things you have actually done.. What do you want on that list,⠀

He then goes on to say – I want god to say when he sees me ‘Wow you’ve gone beyond what I predicted that you could do’⠀

Imagine though that this concept is true – What will your list show – Will it show your true inner potential or what you settled for…⠀

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