Fail better

‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.’ Samuel Beckett⠀

Failing is natural and a normal part of life – it means you’ve tried.⠀

Failure on the other hand is when we’ve quit completely in The book Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield he says that We (People) are addicted to Failure ‘When we fail, We are off the hook. We have given ourselves a get out of jail free card.’⠀

What Steven is saying is that people actually like to fail, They can use the excuse like ‘At least I Tried’ – Knowing that they didn’t put in there full effort.⠀

But we’re not most people we are Titans…⠀

We’re addicted to Failing not Failure – Because Failing over and over means we’re trying harder and harder & When we succeed well we have even bigger challenges to fail over and over at.⠀

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