‘Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were going to do anyway.’ – Robert Downey Jr⠀

When you tell people what you plan on doing whether it’s going on a diet or starting a new business venture, There will always be people who will try and talk you out of it…⠀

A lot of the time they generally tend to be the people closest to us⠀

Steven Pressfield describes Friends and family as the enemy in a series of his books* ⠀

‘Friends and Family are invested in maintaining us as we are… & Thats the last thing we want… Is to remain as we are’⠀

He then goes on to say this is because they don’t like it when you are overcoming your inner Resistance (Procrastination, Fear) and are doing something they can’t or wont, So they want us to remain the same so they don’t feel bad for doing so…⠀

Other times they just don’t fully understand what it is that we are doing and they have our best interest at heart ⠀

Either way, they can’t help it – Thank them for their advise then crack on and do it anyway.⠀

(Books – The War Of Art & Turning Pro – Steven Pressfield)⠀

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