My Work Comes With Typos…

You had a Mcdonalds breakfast, Followed by a Grande Gingerbread Coffee Frappuccino,

You spent your lunch gossiping and bitching over your co-workers Instagram,

You go back to your job (You may love it or hate I don’t know… or care)

Your Co-worker (I’m gonna call her Suzi – Ceebs writing Co-worker all the time)

Suzi – the one you were bitching about at lunch cracks open a tin of homemade cupcakes or whatever…

Suzi is now your best friend – Until you get back to your desk and you criticize how the icing was cracked and the bun or whatever its called is slightly burnt…

Then you leave your job, Go home stick the tv on and browse shit on your phone, eat something then sleep or whatever you do when you get home (I still don’t really care)

This may sound like someone you know… Or you (If it’s you, your kind of a bitch 😉 )

The point is that whoever this made up character is they don’t create much, They’re happy to consume but they do not create.

So when you create your muffins, You try something new when doing a clients nails or you smudge a line on your drawing those motherfuckers who don’t do anything are going to criticise your work faster than a bunch of piranhas can eat whatever the hell they eat…

But that’s not a bad thing,

My Work Comes With Typos…

and I love it, Because when my work gets criticised for a typo, it means my work has been seen, Which means…

I’ve done the Fucking work


I’ve put the work out there…

For the people that get so butthurt over to critics and take time out of their day to try and correct to make themselves feel better…

The cracks in your bread, The nails that didn’t turn out the way you envisioned and the smudge in your drawing… whatever it is put the imperfections out there for the world to criticize.

(Because the world don’t do shit)

You can also read Another reason to not care about peoples opinions – Here >> Memento Mori…


My Work Comes With Typos – Get Over It

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