Quod Nocet, Saepe Docet

When you were a child, you learnt to walk by falling over and suffering from a few bumps.

You may have learnt not to touch a boiling kettle or a hot stove, By getting a little burnt in the process

As we get older we go through more learning processes thinking that the world is against us.

We learn important lessons in relationships by going through breakups.

We learn what not to do in business and marketing by going broke and bankrupt or Why warming up before exercise is important after we have injured ourself.

– Latin

What harms, Often Teaches’

We don’t learn important life lessons by sitting on the beach every day or being boarded up in our castles Ignoring the real world.


We learn by charging through the gates of hell

If your reading this there’s a huge chance that you have been through some sort of adversity in your life and if you are reading this then there is a high chance that it did not kill you.

Actually, it probably made you stronger.

Adversity should not be avoided – Adversity is our mentor

Even though when your sat there in that dark struggling time – That adversity is your guiding light.

Your Yoda.

Quod Nocet, Saepe Docet.

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