We deserve this…

‘You deserve what your going through. You would rather become good tomorrow than be good today’

Book 8 – 21 – Marcus Aurelius Mediations

I love this quote from Meditations, ‘You deserve what your going through’

We as human beings are the only thing on this planet that won’t do what it’s capable of…

We don’t do the work.

If you block off an Ant with an object it will find a way around or over – Or it will die trying.

Put an obstacle in front of a human, The average one will be straight onto Facebook saying that life isn’t fair.

A lot of the time these unfair things happen because we simply don’t do the work needed to better our lives today.

We deserve this shit.

We’re fucking lazy.

‘You would rather become good tomorrow than be good today’

We picture a better a life, but we say we’ll start tomorrow, or on Monday….

We keep putting off the Mondays till the next one & before we know it we’re 40 and still we have not done the work.

‘We don’t just put things off till the future – We put things off until our deathbeds.’ – Steven Pressfield.

We would rather do the work tomorrow not today, The only problem is that tomorrow never comes.

We deserve the shit we go through.

Do the work.

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